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Auto Instagram views

Instagram is a popular and modern platform that can be used to develop a personal or commercial brand. New methods are constantly appearing to promote Instagram accounts and special programs and services are being created. One of the newest and most relevant ways to promote Instagram on 2019 was mass-hunting — mass viewing of stories.

Mass-hunting or automatic viewing of Instagram is a way to automatically view other people’s stories on Instagram on behalf of your profile. This tool appeared only in 2019, replacing mass-licking and mass-following, and began to gradually gain popularity. The fact is that more and more users are less likely to view the feed, paying their attention to stories.

People are more interested in watching live videos and photos that are published in stories, rather than watching retouched pictures in the tape. So far, this tool can be effective and useful for personal and business accounts. When viewing profiles of live people with a small number of subscribers, there is a good chance that you will be noticed and transferred to your page.

With the growing popularity of mass-hunting, this tool will gradually lose its effectiveness, as well as mass-following and mass-linking. Users whose stories will view too many unfamiliar accounts will simply stop responding to them. Therefore, you need to start using mass viewing of stories now!

Why do you need automatic instagram views Using mass-promotion for promotion on Instagram allows you to quickly promote your account and achieve greater engagement of subscribers.

 New subscribers If you correctly configure automatic mass viewing of stories through one of the special applications, this method can give a noticeable increase in subscribers in your profile. As a rule, users with a small number of subscribers pay attention to who views their stories.

When setting up mass-hunting, select an audience with the number of subscribers of 100-500 people, then some of them will notice you and go to your account. If your profile seems interesting or useful to them, they will definitely subscribe.

Increasing Reach and Engagement In addition to attracting new people, mass-marketing can be used to increase the engagement of existing subscribers. To do this, you need to configure mass viewing of stories on your subscribers.

Many of them will notice this and will be glad to your attention. Each person is pleased if a favorite blogger or even a commercial account to which he himself subscribes takes the time to view his story.

The benefits of masluxing

 A new way to promote Massfollowing and masslayking has existed for so long and Instagram users got so bored that they almost stopped working.

 Mass viewing of stories is a new promotion method that is relevant and has not become familiar to people. Many users with a small number of subscribers follow those who view their stories. Therefore, everyone who promotes their Instagram account has another real chance to attract the attention of users.

The main thing in setting up mass-hunting is choosing the right audience for automatic viewing of stories. The growing popularity of stories More and more people spend their time viewing stories, not the main Instagram feed. It has already been found out that people like «live» content, which allows you to somehow spy on the real life of a blogger.

Also, users have become more interested and more often post their own stories, rather than posts in the profile. This allows them to spend less time processing photos to create beautiful ribbons. And besides, it gives additional opportunities: to conduct polls, ask questions and, of course, check who views their stories.

Lack of limits Unlike mass-sharing and mass-following for viewing stories on Instagram, there are no official limits yet. That is, you can set up automatic viewing of any number of stories without fear of blocking.

Some massluxing programs offer up to 1 million views per day. This is of course too much and looks at least suspicious. Therefore, we recommend that you limit yourself to 10 thousand page views per day.

Attraction of live subscribers Likes, comments and subscriptions no longer inspire trust among users, because everyone knows that bots are used for these functions. With story so far, things are different — people are used to their live users viewing their stories. Therefore, correctly setting up automatic mass viewing of stories, you can attract the attention of living people.

Real users will be interested in what an unfamiliar account is viewing their stories, and will go to your profile. If you choose the right audience at the same time, then many of them will become your living subscribers.

Increase in reach Those users whose story you have watched may not subscribe to your account.


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